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The History of Our Name

Avicenna MDAvicenna (born 980 in Uzbekistan- died 1037, Hamadan) was a physician who became the most influential philosopher-scientist not only in the Persian world but also in medieval Europe. One of the first people to use the scientific method while conducting experiments, his outcomes were recorded in over 400 different works but only around 250 have survived. His most famous surviving works include over 100 philosophical explorations condenses into an encyclopedia called The Book of Healing and approximately 50 works concentrating on medicine called The Canon of Medicine. In fact, The Canon of Medicine was a standard text used in European Universities as late as 1650.

In his medical work, The Canon of Medicine, Avicenna was interested in the effect of the mind on the body, and wrote a great deal on psychology and how it affected one’s health. In addition, after conducting experiments, he was one of the first to write about:

  • The benefits and purpose of exercise and the dangers involved in neglecting to exercise.
  • The benefits of cleansing/bathing to prevent infectious diseases.
  • The benefits of following dietary restrictions to become healthier.
  • The benefits of sleep.
  • The natural healing properties of herbs.

In his philosophical work, The Book of Healing, Avicenna focused on healing one’s spirit. Influenced by both ancient Greek and Persian philosophers, the book was divided into four sections, logic, natural sciences, mathematics (subdivided into arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music), and metaphysics. This collecting included:

  • The idea on Temporal Logic or adding time into a statement for greater impact. (i.e. – Rather than saying, “I am always hungry,” say “I am now hungry but will not be after I eat.”
  • The importance of inductive logic in scientific experiments, which is one of the key components of the scientific method today.
  • The separate entities of your body (existence) and your spirit (essence) and how to distinguish the two.
  • The mathematical concept of propositional calculus, which is key in research today involving statistics, like economic and financial studies.

Avicenna, the person, influenced the entire world by his scientific based approach to all he encountered.

We at Avicenna Integrative Medicine seek to influence or sphere of influence by using the same approach and treating each person as an individual.